Lenovo S8 A7600 4G
Marshmallow > Nougat > Oreo


Row multilanguage  rom for Lenovo S8 A7600 4G                               *  Real best stable rom  * 
Android 6.0


 us  us

It's time to switch to Marshmallow.
Fully working firmware.
Localization - 26 languages.
Double tap
gps + glonass
Easy installation with recovery.
Included recovery for MM.
The firmware is stable and economical.
During the 8 hours of the night, the flow rate of 2-3%

Below is a MM6.0 rom work. 

Safe zone                       port Star OS             
A7600                            port Asus                  

Start                              Video

 MIUI 9                        MIUI 10